We're Good,

  • We are generating remarkable saving from the stretch thanks to our pre-stretching technology,
  • Better Wrapping techniques,
  • Optimum overlapping Wrapping,
  • Precise adjusting of Stretching level,
  • Easy to use, Restart option from any stage,
  • Detailed programming Varieties,
  • Low labour Cost,
  • Energy Saving – Environmental Friendliness,
  • Quick Return of Investment,
  • Huge saving from the consumables,
  • Easily findable and inexpensive spare parts


Key Features of ODAKSAN Technology

  • 7 ’’ touch screen for visual and easy operation
  • Scheduled slow stop or Immediate Stop by emergency button.
  • Online monitoring of actual speeds from the panel,
  • Reading the alarm signals from the panel and correcting the problem with help menu,
  • Recording past alarms' date and time,
  • Reading actual status of all sensors on the machine,
  • Creating prescription for Adjusted parameters and store them
  • Safety barriers and pushbuttons to stop the machine in case of emergency,
  • Extending Battery life by the feature of automatic standby mode when the machine is not in use,
  • Online monitoring of battery charging level,
  • Easily switch within variety of program types,
  • Getting initial position by One-touch
OTHER FIRMS ODAKSAN What does this mean?
Mechanical Stretching Single or double Motor Systems 50% saving from Stretch consumption by Pre-Stretching up to 400%.
N/A Potential of up to 250 pallet wrapping capacity without replacing the battery. Non-Stop working. Long life (2000) cycle.
Low maintenance cost – Short maintenance life.
Brushed DC electric motor Brushless and maintenance-free Servo motor Longer motor life,
Low maintenance cost,
Low energy consumption.
Fixed Battery System in Machine Mobile and replaceable Battery System. Possibility to charge at high amperage by External Charger,
Electronically Controlled Automatic Charging,
7/24 working with spare battery thanks to external charging unit.
Electronic Card System PLC-Touch Screen Combination. Easy Programmability,
High technology,
Low risk of failure,
Less costly spare parts and repairs in case of failure.
More accessible spare parts
Plastic case Metal Outer Chassis and Support Bars High impact resistance,
Easy repairability
N/A Battery Replacement Ramp Battery replacement without the need for a crane or forklift.
Tracker wheel with narrow diameter and tiny surface. Tracker wheel with large surface. Direct adaptation to pallets of different heights,
Smooth passing from broken pallet surface.